Tuesday, 18 March 2014


All copies now sold out at source and our smashing distributors. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy. See you again soon!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Out now: BEDABBLED!#4

Bedabbled!#4: 'Strangers in a Strange Land' is now ready for pre-orders - shipping within the next 14 days.

Includes articles on:

The Yes Girls
Straight on Till Morning
Sweet and Sexy
Hammer's 'Karnstein' trilogy
Amicus honcho Milton Subotsky

Plus... reviews of Her Private Hell, City of the Dead, The Monster Club, The Pleasure Girls... an interview with actor Shane Briant (Straight on Till Morning, Demons of the Mind)... obscure and sleazy vampire features... letters... Britt Ekland...

Now in glorious A4 format! 48 colour pages! With stunning cover art by Derek Gray and a centerfold poster by Rik Rawling that will make your sweating hands reach for that crucifix...

Price: £6.00. This first print run is limited to 100 copies.

***SOLD OUT***

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Out now: GHOST OF A HURT Hex edition

To celebrate the official birth of our music division, Bedabbled! art editor and all-round B! handyman Rik Rawling has designed and created a very, very special limited edition of Ghost of a Hurt, which, in its original format, can be counted as our first music release. Assembled by the collective known as The Sinister Insult, Ghost... combined music, found objects, text, field visits and art to make a heady brew of murder, mystery and true crime. A lot of hard work went into its creation, but perhaps not as much as Rik has put into this 'Hex' edition: for these are truly individual works of art. Not only has Rik painted a new cover, but he has also assembled each book from scratch, cutting, pasting and designing. Each edition comes with a text booklet, a hand-drawn CD-R (with around sixty minutes of guitar-orientated ambient madness held within) and a unique art print. No two editions are the same, and there are only TEN copies of this in existence, so once they're gone, etc.

Price: £20 (including p+p). To reserve a copy please email us first: bedabbled@hotmail.co.uk. We'll sort out payment options from there.

More details on this project can be found from the man himself here.

The original edition of Ghost of a Hurt is still in stock. More details here.

Our next music release will be Kathy Crowned From Blood's The Haunted Beehive e.p. Again, this will be a limited edition CD-R, capturing perfectly the vision of this particular (or peculiar) duo's music: dark instrumental delights from an alternative Albionic horror universe... More details as and when, and keep 'em peeled for other surprise announcements.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Out now: THE DEMETER 'de luxe' edition

Finally! A special 'de luxe' editon of The Demeter is now here. Limited to ten numbered copies, it's signed by author Martin Jones and artist Derek Gray, and is housed in a handmade crimson card slipcase created by local artist Phil Glasier. Also included is the four-track The Demeter CD-R e.p. by ambient loners Maelstrom (a.k.a. Rik Rawling), with CD art by Derek Gray and hand-stencilled track-listing:

Of particular interest to this release is the 'stamp' featured on the slipcase, as each is an original - and different - piece of art by Derek: 

Two examples:

***SOLD OUT!!!***

The standard edition (numbered) of The Demeter is still available. More details here.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Out now: OFFBEAT

After many years in the making, Headpress Books have now published Offbeat: British Cinema's Curiosities, Obscurities and Forgotten Gems. Edited by Falling Stars author (and Bedabbled! contributor) Julian Upton, it's an essential addition to the bookcase of anyone interested in British horror and cult cinema: although that's not to say that the scope of the book is limited in any way, as over 100 movies are taken in, starting with Animal Farm in 1954 and ending with Lifeforce in 1985. In-between are reviews of many, many lost flicks - too many to mention here - written by a whole host of knowledgeable film buffs. Oh, and me, as well. Special mention must also be made to the essays that break the reviews up, penned by Upton, James Oliver and David Kerekes, which pretty much offer a complete history of British 'B' cinema, a dark and sometimes frightening world far removed from the recognised classics such as Peeping Tom, Get Carter and The Wicker Man (although it's sweet irony now that between Offbeat's conception and its publication, a fair number of the films discussed have become readily available on DVD!)

Offbeat has been published - initially - as a fine-looking limited hardback edition containing over 400 pages of pure cinematic gold. And The Boys in Blue. A mass market paperback edition will be published early next year but, for now, I suggest you order your copy here a.s.a.p.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Out now: BEDABBLED!#3

Bedabbled!#3: 'Getting Wasted with the Vampires' is out now!

Includes articles on:

Vampyres (1975)
Dracula AD1972 (1972)
The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973)
Dance of the Vampires (1967)
Incense for the Damned (1971)

Plus! Interviews with actress Francoise Pascal (Incense..., Burke and Hare) and author John Hamilton (X-Cert, Beasts in the Cellar)... and! Vampires on TV... Mike Raven's Disciple of Death... reviews... letters... superstitious villagers...

All in 72 glorious A5 pages, with cover art by Rik Rawling and a luuverrlly colour centre-spread.

Price: £6.00 (plus £1.50 p+p). You can use our email address for direct Paypal payments: bedabbled@hotmail.co.uk.

Please email us if you wish to pay by cheque, postal order or cash (or if you're outside the UK).

This issue of Bedabbled! is limited to 100 copies only - there won't be a reprint! Get it now before the sun comes up! (or goes down...)


Monday, 17 September 2012


Originally scheduled for publication in November 2011, The Demeter is now finally available to buy (albeit in a slightly more limited edition than originally intended). In this novella, Captain Nikolai Zamyatin - along with his crew of old hands and new faces - is employed to transport crates of archaeological artifacts to the north-east coast of England. But, as the 'Demeter' hits the mythological waters of the Mediterranean, minor events occur to tip the balance of familiar routine. Events seen and heard through the pen of one man only: the captain. When a crew member goes missing, Zamyatin begins a very different voyage, and can only watch, helpless, as his doomed shipmates argue, speculate and fight over who - or what - has caused the disappearance:

Have just returned from the hold. Whilst the rest of the crew ate, I checked it out myself. Found something amiss, but not out of the ordinary.
   Armed with a heavy-duty rubber torch, I climbed down the access ladder. Halfway through the open hatchway I switched the torch on. The light gave up a few feet from me, and the aft of the hold was a pitch void. Once down there, just for a few minutes, I stood in silence. It was not quite dark - the fading evening was still strong enough to leek down. I flicked the switch on the meagre illumination, and all four crates were still there, secured as they had been for the duration of the voyage. Gregory’s hard-won artefacts. But that would be too much, to light the place up and catch Leon shovelling tarnished Roman coins into a bag, wouldn’t it?
   Then why did I turn the light on expecting to find something else? Somewhere deep within me there was a tiny, unexplainable hope that I might discover the crates moved, or disturbed, or some such thing.
   But, no, I cannot avoid the fact: I see visions of Leon Zhukousky plundering from our cargo.
   I turned on the torch and approached the crates. No noise to accompany me except that of the familiar movement of the Demeter. Their wooden lids were still fastened shut. Why shouldn’t they be? The only change was a light powdering of dust and rust flakes over their surfaces. I wiped one of the laminated contents lists clean, then checked the tautness of the holding straps: two over each end of each crate. Fine. Shining the torch in the gaps between crates, I saw that the spider webs had gone. Disappeared.
   Perhaps Boris – or someone else – brushed them away?
   Boris said he couldn’t find any signs of rats. No droppings. Nothing. Now there were no signs of the spiders that had tormented Leon.
   Perhaps the rats ate them?
   For a while, I just stood still, drumming my fingers on one of the crates. The Demeter’s hold is as basic as you can get. Forward seems to be a collecting place for junk I never find the time to get rid of; aft stops short at a wall. Behind that, the crew’s quarters.  
   Beyond the forth crate lies the hatch to the engine-room. Anton’s speciality. Engine room… engine space, more like.
   There was nothing in the gaps between the crates. Then I remembered to check underneath. They were, after all, raised off the ground by lengths of four-by-four.
   Getting down on my knees at the end nearest the hatchway, I shone the torch into the gap. I was only able to see the trail of the beam by pressing my face flat against the deck. No cobwebs in the inches-high space. But there was something, at the far end.
   I got up and, wiping the dirt off my face, walked around to the other end of the crates. Carefully, I crouched down again, not so close to the gap this time. No matter that there was probably not enough room for a living creature to breath in there; I did not want an army of teeth shooting out at me.
   Wedged tightly at a right angle, between timber and crate, was the still body of a rat. Tentatively, I reached under the wood and prodded it with a finger. No movement. There was a lash of a tail. I gripped that between thumb and forefinger and pulled the rat out. It came away from its final resting place easily, with a sort of dry crackle, like hard skin being torn. 
   The carcass was stiff, and exactly the thickness of the space allowed between crate and deck. I think now it must have wedged itself in there – after a spider, perhaps – and then starved to death when it couldn’t get out.
   I turned it over, and looked at its length in profile. I don’t know why it held my attention so. I have seen too many rats to ever think about what they look like. And this one was no different. Except… except its tiny mouth was wide, the jaws open as far as they could go, small, dangerous teeth bared. One final screech before death caught it? The pin-point black eyes were retracted. I pushed a finger against the skull and was surprised when it caved in under the little pressure I applied. Oddly, there was no wetness, no trace of internal liquid where my finger had broken through.
   Confused, I prodded the rest of the carcass. It felt… empty. I lifted it up by the tail again and shone my torch over its dry, flat coat. There was no sign of attack, no evidence of a parasite feasting on it. Perhaps it had been there longer than I thought? But what tempts vermin that size to claw itself into an area it cannot get out of?

The Demeter is a radical reinterpretation of a familiar subject. Sealed off from the outside world, trapped on decks of gothic quietude, lost and alone with unseen terrors around him, Zamyatin's calm madness begins to warp the dying days, making him question what he has and has not seen and his place on board the formerly stable confines of the ship.

On one level a simple narrative of calm horror, on another a cerebral journey of unwinding psychosis, The Demeter investigates the inevitability of death, fate and the consequences of playing God in a world we cannot control...

With cover art and internal illustrations by renowned Glasgow artist Derek Gray, The Demeter comes in a standard, numbered edition of 40 copies. A5 format, perfect-bound.

Price: £7.00 (Plus £1.50 p+p). You can use our email address for direct Paypal payments: bedabbled@hotmail.co.uk

For payment in the UK by cheque, postal order or cash, please email us. For orders outside the UK, again, please contact us for further details.

A de luxe version of the book is currently being prepared as a limited edition of 10 copies. More details as soon as they are ready.

B! art editor Rik Rawling - who himself has a long association with the creation of this project - has also offered the first post on The Demeter. Read it here.

And we still have copies of past publications for sale. There are limited numbers left of:

Three Demonic Tales by Michel Parry.

Ghost of a Hurt by The Sinister Insult.

Bedabbled! issues one and two may now be sold out, but expect issue three to arrive by the end of October. Again, full details nearer the time.